Local antibody tests available

KENNEWICK, WA - That cough and fever you had a few months ago probably has you wondering whether you did, in fact, have COVID-19. A lot of you now wondering where you can get an antibody test.

Benton Franklin Orthopedic Associates is offering them. It's a quick blood draw, just a prick on the finger, and results come back quickly. 

It is important to note this test only shows whether your body contains the antibodies from already having the virus. Also, there is no evidence that if you do have those antibodies that you're immune to the virus now. However, there's no evidence otherwise, either. 

"We do think it is important as doctors to gain as much information about the epidemiology as possible," said Dr. Chris Kontogianis. "There's 300 thousand people in the TriCities area. is the infection rate one percent is it ten percent?"

The tests available at BFOA are not the FDA emergency approved ones. However, they have tested people known to have been infected and gotten positive results. If you'd like to get one, get ahold of your primary care physician for a referral to BFOA. Antibody tests are also locally available at Encore Wellness 4 Life