BENTON COUNTY, WA- The Benton County Commissioners unanimously approved submission of the application for Benton County to move to Phase 2 of the Safe Start Washington Plan and authorized the County Administrator to immediately submit the plan to the Washington State Secretary of Health to be considered for approval Tuesday. 

This comes after we have not seen a spike in one day cases across both Benton and Franklin Counties Tuesday. 

This plan was prepared in collaboration with the Benton-Franklin Health District, Benton and Franklin Counties, and other local government and community leaders to ensure that all necessary application requirements were met. A copy of the full Benton County Application has been included for reference.

Commissioners said they hope the county gets approved, but in order to do so they are asking the community to heed to directive from local health officials to avoid a spike in cases. They said if we do not meet the requirements we are told to stay in Phase 1. 

Further information will be provided as soon as a final determination is received from the Washington State Secretary of Health on whether Benton County has been approved to move to Phase 2. 

For Franklin County residents, Franklin County Commissioners will meet tomorrow, June 10th at 9 a.m. to discuss and vote to approve to submit a Phase 2 application. 

Both Benton and Franklin County Commissioners have taken the past two weeks to discuss with church leaders, business leaders and farmers on how to move forward during the Safe Start Plan. 

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