Amanda Marshall

VICENZA, ITALY - Italy has the second most reported cases of Coronavirus in the world as of March 25th. China has the most. The U.S. comes in at third. 

A woman from Idaho has been living in Italy for the last several years. Right now Italy is in full lockdown. Amanda Marshal is considered 'mission essential' and is allowed to go to work at a hotel on an Italian-U.S. military installation. However, she must carry a piece of paper to do that. So does everyone in Italy even just to go to a grocery store or pharmacy. 

Marshall posted a powerful video on Facebook saying it is not meant to scare anyone but to inform and bring awareness.

"Can you guys over there in the states please self quarantine now before you're made to self-quarantine," pleaded Marshall. "I don't want to see the states get as bad as Italy has. The police are giving people tickets everyday, arresting people for breaking curfew. We can no longer go more than 200 meters from our homes if we want fresh air. Only one person per household to grocery shop. We have to carry a piece of paper allowing us to basically go grocery shopping or to work if we're allowed to work. We're losing hundreds of people a day and it's devastating and I don't want to see the states get this bad. So, please take care of yourselves. By doing so you're taking care of the people around you."

Amanda said she is adapting and still enjoying life with the help of near and far support systems. She said she hopes Americans will look to Italy as an example and take the virus seriously now rather than later.

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