KENNEWICK, WA- The Port of Kennewick announces office closures in the midst of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Port officials said a court worker became sick with flu-like conditions Tuesday during a meeting and out of precaution closes offices city-wide.

The Washington Department of Health advises staying away from others for 72 hours after a fever breaks.

The attendees included representatives from the Richland City CouncilArts Center Task Force, Tri-Cities Area Journal of Business, among others. The port’s three commissioners attended, as did several staff members.  

Chief Executive Officer Tim Arntzen participated by phone, along with two other port staffers. 

The individual was hired to provide court reporting services to provide a record of the commission’s meeting.  

The court reporter reportedly had a fever on Sunday, about 48 hours before the meeting, the port said. 

She informed officials she has asthma and believed her symptoms were consistent with prior respiratory illnesses. She reported having symptoms of a respiratory infection.  

The port’s offices were professionally cleaned and disinfected the day after the meeting.