Property manager gives small business tenants two months free rent

Richland, WA - A local property owner recently decided to give two months of free rent to her tenants.

Those tenants own small businesses at Westgate Shopping Center in Richland.

Terese Meyer and her two partners took over the complex in January.

She says despite having little money in the bank, she gave her tenants free rent for April and May-- no strings attached.

Longtime small business owner Joel Cline with Cline Computers says the gesture was an unexpected surprise, and hopes more landlords will follow by example if they are able to do so.

 “I think myself and the other businesses were surprised that they were willing to work with us and see us as a small business and see that we were struggling during this time” Cline Computers owner, Joel Cline, said.

Cline Computers is considered an essential business so it is still open.

Other Westlake tenants include The Westgate Barber Shop, Steeber's Lock and Key, A Sharp Guitar, and Doggone Gorgeous.

”It was the right thing to do. If renters can’t pay their rent, than what are they supposed to do? We’re all in the same boat,” Meyer said.

She added that renters are expected to pay rent for June, but if they are having any financial difficulties they will be able to work something out.



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