Protecting Yourself Against COVID-19 Vaccine Scams

All of Washington State is in phase 1B of vaccinations. You can use the phase finder tool provided by Washington state to see if you are eligible to get the vaccine.

In the meantime, It's important to know how to protect yourself from vaccine-related scams and how to spot them.

According to Coronavirus.Wa.Gov, People are taking advantage of the pandemic to scam others. These are some of the warning signs they listed to look out for--to better protect yourself

  • Someone asking for bank information.
  • Calls or texts from unrecognizable numbers.
  • Claims you have won money or qualify for financial assistance.

They also say not to give banking or personal information to unknown people and not to believe everything you read online.

From the Better Business Bureau--here are some tips they have for protecting against vaccine cons:

  • Research carefully
  • Check with your doctor and read information from your local health department
  • Don't let urgency cloud your judgment
  • Double-check the web address to make sure it is an actual government URL