SELAH, WA -Selah's city attorney has released a letter clarifying the mayor's proclamation. 

The proclamation stated Governor Jay Inslee does not have the right to force city leaders to enforce his order.

In regards to the confusion surrounding the mayor's proclamation, City Attorney Rob Case has drafted a letter to clear things up.

The letter states "the mayor's proclamation does one thing and one thing only. Specifically, the proclamation announces Selah city policy for its own municipal workforce."

It goes on to say "the proclamation does not allow 'non-essential' businesses to reopen. The Proclamation does not allow 'non-essential' travel to occur. The Proclamation does not negate the social distancing requirements of the Governor's Proclamations."

You can read the attorney's full letter here.

Selah City Attorney Letter1
Selah City Attorney 2


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