Tri Cities Airport

PASCO,WA- The Tri-Cities Airport stated Monday it is to remain open during the COVID-19 pandemic as it is an essential resource. This coming after Washington Governor Jay Inslee issued a Stay Home, Stay Healthy order. 

Airport officials have stated there is new travel protocol to consider:

Flight schedules are shrinking; so travelers are to check with their airline before checking in if your flight has been terminated or canceled due to the virus. 

Airport officials state passengers should be greeted at the curb only. Greet passengers on the curb. When picking up someone from the airport, please use the cell phone lot and have the passenger call you when they arrive. Only one person is allowed to drop off or pick up passengers. 

Dining options are still available. The airport’s concessionaires are providing grab-and-go food options for travelers, and the airport store remains open and selling snacks, bottled drinks, and other items.

For more information about the airport visit .

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