TRI-CITIES, WA - As the state prepares for the next phase of Covid-19 vaccinations we spoke with the Benton Franklin Health District about when you can get yours.

Currently we are in the first phase of Covid-19 vaccinations, known as 1A. This Phase covers healthcare workers, first responders, and long term care residents. 

According to the Benton Franklin Health District approximately 14,300 vaccines have been allocated to the Tri-Cities, and right now 20 providers are actively giving out vaccines to those in the 1A category.

1B comes next, and this phase will include all people 70 years and older, as well as people over 50 who live in multi-generational households.

"1B vaccinations may start as early as the end of this month.. Again that will depend on how quickly we are able to get our healthcare providers and our long term care facilities appropriately vaccinated," said Dr, Amy Person from the Benton Franklin Health District. 

And starting on Monday the state will roll out a new and improved version of the Phase Finder tool, to help you find out when you will be eligible for the vaccine. 

"When users go onto that application they will go through a series of questions that will help them identify what priority group they will be eligible for. It will also link them to a list of who are the vaccinating provider in their geographic area," said Dr. Person. 

You can find the Phase Finder tool at: Phase Finder / Encuentra Tu Fase (