Local cruise ship worker is finally back home

RICHLAND, WA - A Tri-Cities woman is appreciating the grass and the inland northwest now that she's been back home for about a week. Mariah Brush and dozens of other crew members were quarantined on a Holland America cruise ship for nearly two months. 

The ship had been essentially marooned as the CDC wouldn't let crew members disembark after one of Brush's colleagues tested positive for COVID-19. After that, the had no more pool time and no more hanging out. Each crew member had to stay alone in a cabin with just 15 minutes of walking time allowed out of the room every couple of hours. 

As you can imagine, she and the rest of the crew were elated to disembark last week.

"We were so mentally exhausted and just needed to go home," said Brush. "I think I learned, if you really, really believe in something it's worth fighting for. I hope the whole travel industry has learned if something like this happens... don't wait to take care of it."

Brush says several other ships from other countries still have crew members stuck on board. Right now, she's under a mandatory quarantine back at home for two weeks.