Update on COVID-19 Outbreak at Yakima Costco

Yakima, WA – The Yakima Health District has continued to work with Costco to contain an outbreak of COVID-19.

After completing their first round of testing, a total of 173 employees tested positive for COVID-19. Previously, 174 cases were reported, however, after reconciling all available records, the case count is now 176.

Per Yakima Health District recommendations, Costco will continue to offer sitewide testing of its employees on an ongoing basis until there is less than a 5% positivity rate observed. The second round of testing began on January 4, 2021.

“We anticipate with so much community transmission of COVID-19, and with the holidays that just passed, we’ll likely see more cases coming from Costco staff that may not necessarily be linked to the original outbreak.” Said Melissa Sixberry, Director of Disease Control at Yakima Health District.

A reminder to all community members that COVID-19 continues to be high across Yakima County.