Updated Vaccination Numbers For School Employees

October 18th marked the deadline that school employees in Washington state had to either be vaccinated against COVID-19 or request a religious or medical exemption.

Right now, 99.1 percent of Kennewick School District's 2,948 active employees met the state requirements. 81.7% are fully vaccinated, and 17.4 percent had approved medical or religious exemptions.

KSD says .8 percent are in the process of being vaccinated, and the majority have indicated that they will be returning to work in the next few weeks. .6 percent are on unpaid leave and can come back when they are either fully vaccinated or have an approved exemption by January 31st of next year.

More than 99 percent of Richland School District's full-time staff are vaccinated or received an accommodation.

They don't have an updated number at this time of how many are vaccinated and who received an accommodation, though as of last week they said 75 percent of staff had completed the vaccination process.

100 percent of the Yakima School District's 2,076 regular employees complied with the mandate. Roughly 87 percent are vaccinated, 13 percent are exempt, and .5 percent requested leave.

Pasco School District says 84 percent of their employees are vaccinated, fifteen percent requested exemptions. Two of their employees declined to submit vaccination verification or request an exemption and were let go on Monday.

KSD says they do have plans for the staffing gaps this has created.

They'll be covering with employees who already work in the district and substitutes.

RSD says they're filling staffing gaps with substitute as well, while they figure out long-term solutions.