OLYMPIA, WA - On Sunday Andy Slavitt, a member of the Whitehouse COVID-19 response team took to Twitter to congratulate Washington State on becoming the 11th state to surpass vaccinating 70% of adults with at least one dose.  

However, according to the the Washington Department of Health the state has not met that goal and say we are closer to 64%. 

Here's how the numbers breakdown: 

The CDC is reporting 7,840,092 doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been admistered in Washington state as June 6th. 

However, the WA Department of Health shows 7,253,646 doses have been administered in the state as of June 5th. 

The difference is over half a million doses... According to the Department of Health here's why the number don't match-  First, the federal government gets data from the Department of Defense which gathers numbers from the VA, prisons, and a few other vaccines sources from the federal government that, in turn do not get shared with the state's Department of Health.

Another reason- Washington residents vaccinated out of state may not have records entered in the state's information system, but would be included in the federal CDC dashboard.

A third reason- the state's reported population, the DOH uses 2020 population estimates from the state's Office of Financial Management, which they say are larger and more accurate. The federal government uses 2019 Census data.

And finally- a key difference between vaccine numbers is the age range.

The Whitehouse looks at people 18 years and older, while Washington state is looking at people 16 years and older.

The Department of Health says they are trying to fix the problem, in a written statement they wrote in part "The state has asked the federal government to share vaccination information from programs at their facilities to accurately paint a picture of how protected Washington communities are... The state will continue to work with the federal government on this matter and thanks the more than 3.9 million Washingtonians who have received at least one dose of covid-19 vaccine."

According to a recent tweet from Andy Slavitt, who is part of Whitehouse COVID-19 response team Andy spoke with Governor Inslee and says the state is on the path to meet his target and fully reopen on June 30th.