WASHINGTON STATE - Getting a COVID-19 vaccine shot could instantly make you richer. Governor Inslee has partnered with the state's lottery to give away big cash prizes, and  a variety of other smaller giveaways including gift cards and Xbox game consoles.

If you have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine shot, and are over the age of 18, with your information in the Department of Health vaccine database then you are automatically entered to win.  

New winners will be randomly selected every Tuesday until July 13th.

Kristi Weeks, Director of Legal Affairs for the Washington State Lottery say they will be notifying winners with a phone and through e-mail.

 "...And how much information we'll ask for depends on what prize they've won. So for prizes over $600 we will need a social security number (for tax purposes), for prizes less than that we're just gonna confirm eligibility. If it's the big cash prize we'll make arrangements for you to come down to the lottery and get your check," said Weeks. 

 Prize winners will have exactly 72 hours to claim their prize. Weeks also tells NBC Right Now while they haven't heard of any scams connected to this particular giveaway, it's always important to make sure the person calling you is who they say they are.

 "Is it (the phone call) coming from an out of state phone number, or a private e-mail.. .those are red flags. If the person can't or wont answer questions about the promotion, that's a red flag. And if they are demanding or rude, or really pressuring you to give personal information don't do it," said Weeks. 

Weeks also tells me if you are unsure about the phone call you can always hang up, call the lottery office number on their website, and ask if the person who called you actually works there.

And if you are a lucky winner, per state rules expect your vaccination status and name to be made public. 

Lotto reps say they are legally required to give out the information if somebody asks for it. 

 For more information: https://walottery.com/vaccination