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CAMP MURRAY,WA- The Washington Sate Health Department released new information on the state's fight against COVID-19.

Here is the latest statement from health officials and head of the Washington State COVID-19 response, Retired Navy Vice Admiral Raquel C. Bono:

"We continue to receive PPE from our federal Strategic National Stockpile, donations and commercial supply chain purchases. However, due to the global demand we still are not able to receive enough PPE to meet 100% of the needs of our local and state partners. We are working diligently with our statewide distribution process partners and utilizing the best medical data available to make informed decision on where to distribute this PPE. 

This week our distribution includes: 

  • Tribal requests: Utilizing 10% of the warehouse inventory, we provided supplies to 100% of the tribes requesting supplies. We met the majority of the requests, which served the next 7-10 days for the tribes. We did substitute and adjust requests based on inventory to meet need. 
  • County allocation: Based on the counties which had active confirmed cases, we allocated 80% of the supplies according to what was requested. We did substitute items to fill as much of their requests as possible. This allowed us to reach ten of our impacted counties with PPE. 
  • State agencies: Reviewing requests of state agencies, we filled the remaining 10% of inventory based on best available option. Substituting was required.

State officials have been seeking out additional resources to bolster hospital capacity. We are expecting federal officials to deliver several mobile hospitals during the next couple weeks.

At this time, we expect to receive two 150-bed hospitals and six 40-bed hospitals from the Department of Defense. State officials cannot confirm exact locations but it is anticipated that the facilities will be located in Pierce County, Snohomish and Seattle/King County.

The facilities are equipped with supplies and arrive with personnel to staff them and will provide care for non COVID-19 patients. Additionally, the state has purchased 1000 beds that are ready to be positioned within Washington’s state hospital system, including 250 beds in Yakima. It’s important to note that hospitals still have adequate capacity to treat patients. 

Stay Home, Stay Healthy: We continue to get questions about what's open and closed under the Governor's new order. 

State agency updates:

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