WSDOT declines Kittitas County Public Works' unvaccinated help

KITTITAS COUNTY - The Washington State Department of Transportation and the Kittitas County Department of Public Works will not be collaborating to clear state roadways. Kittitas Public Works had offered to help WSDOT clear I-90 and Highway 97 last week after the snowfall closed both for several days. WSDOT declined the offer due to Kittitas Public Works’ non-compliance with COVID-19 vaccination mandates. 

Unvaccinated individuals were excused from state employment positions last October. Kittitas County lost 48 employees with that change. As November ended, WSDOT and Kittitas County signed an interlocal agreement due to the drastic staffing reduction. WSDOT recognized the staffing shortage but ultimately chose not to accept help from Kittitas County. 

The full press release is available here: 

Kittitas County WSDOT denial press release