Yak Reopening

YAKIMA, WA- Yakima County health and county leaders met Thursday evening to discuss the Reopening Plan in a modified Phase 1. The health district and county commissioners approved the plan to apply for Phase 1.5 and now await the state's approval. 

The plan to reopen businesses in the county is a slow, but gradual reopening. 

In two emergency meetings today the Yakima Board of Health and Yakima County Commissioners stated that they are looking into hospitalizations at Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital in case a spike of patients increased. The Physician Executive, Tanny Davenport expressed the hospital is still near capacity, but are prepared to expand operations if necessary.

In Phase 1.5; retailers and personal care services can reopen at a limited capacity. 

Here is a list of things the plan allows:

  • Construction as permitted in Phase 2 guidance (new construction projects can occur)
  • Manufacturing as permitted in Phase 2 guidance (non-essential manufacturing)
  • Restaurants for outdoor seating only outdoors with 6 feet social distancing. 
  • In-store retail at 15% indoor capacity with indoor activities limited to 30 minutes
  • Personal services at 25% indoor capacity
  • Dog groomers at 25% indoor capacity
  • No gatherings with people outside of the household except for small behavioral health support groups of fewer than 5 people

Health leaders do say they have ramped up testing measures with help from the state. They advise case counts will increase due to more tests given. 

This is a developing story.