YAKIMA,WA- Yakima Police looking for 6 male inmates that escaped the Yakima County Jail Monday evening.

Police say officially 12 inmates from Annex C in the Yakima County Jail escaped the jail. 6 of the inmates were captured and are back at the jail. The other 6 inmates are currently on the loose. The inmates were able to escape by breaking open an exterior fire door using a table from inside the Annex.

Yakima County Sheriff Robert Udell said the men escaped because of fear about the state order to stay home and stay healthy. 

The 6 escapees have been identified as follows with their pictures. 

34-year-old Tyrone Adam Mulvaney from Moses Lake, WA


26-year-old Andrew Derrick Wolfley from Union Gap, WA


27-year-old Neftali Serrano from Yakima, WA


31-year-old Fernando Gustavo Casteneda-Sandoval from Yakima, WA


28-year-old Hugo Alejandro Amezcua-Hernandez from Yakima, WA


27-year-old Miguel Angel Chavez-Amezcua from Moses Lake, Wa


If anyone has information on where we can find these 6 escapees, please call the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office at (509)574-2500 and press 0 or 911.

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