YAKIMA, WA – The Yakima Health District has concluded its investigation into the recent COVID-19 outbreak at Costco.

Between December 11, 2020 and January 2, 2021, a total of 177 cases of COVID-19 were detected among employees. Costco was advised to conduct site-wide testing until the testing positivity rate was below 5%. This has now been observed since January 2, 2021.

There is no current indication of ongoing transmission among employees and this outbreak is considered to have concluded. The source of the outbreak was not identified, though, epidemiologic data mimicked that of disease activity that occurs after a large event.

“This outbreak is a stark reminder of how rapidly COVID-19 can spread throughout our community. We must all remain vigilant and continue to take steps to minimize the spread of the virus. This includes wearing masks, practicing physical distancing, and avoiding large social gatherings.” -Dr. Larry Jecha, Interim Health Officer, Yakima Health District.