Yakima, WA - Today the Yakima Health District and their partners talked about the efforts to turn the Yakima Vaccine Site into a Pilot Community Vaccination Center (CVC) on Monday.

The health district said the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) chose Yakima to become the first federal CVC because of the high COVID-19 activity Yakima had. This new partnership with the federal government, including agencies like FEMA and the Department of Homeland Security, will allow the site to ramp up vaccinations within Yakima County.

Yakima County Commissioner and Board of Health Chair Ron Anderson assures this partnership is a good thing. 

"While we still have challenges to overcome, the community vaccination center is a major step in the right direction in improving the health of our community," Anderson said. 

The site will start to receive more vaccines because of its CVC status. This will be an addition to our regular weekly allocations. Because the vaccine supply will increase, the site will start to vaccinate 1,200 people per day by March 31.

Additional personnel will also allow for the site to be open seven days a week instead of five and create opportunity for mobile vaccine centers. The health district will work with our local providers that already have mobile vaccine centers to reach areas like Selah, Naches and Toppenish.

Nathan Johnson from the Yakima Health District COVID-19 Incident Response Team said this will ensure they can reach rural communities and agricultural workers as well as distribute the vaccine in an equitable manner. 

The site will continue to have it's regular hours this week and then will officially become a CVC on Monday. However, you don't have to wait to make a vaccine appointment until then. Right now the site has several vaccine appointments available, so if you are eligible head to PrepMod to make an appointment.