Cowiche Canyon Conservancy is raising money to protect hiking trails
COWICHE, WA - One of the many things people can enjoy in Yakima Valley are the outdoors.

A popular hiking trail is the Cowiche Canyons Uplands, but some changes could potentially happen. 
"This area gets 30,000 visits a year," said Celisa Hopkins, the executive director for Cowiche Canyon Conservancy.

 As you first walk through the entrance of the Cowiche Canyon Uplands, you'll have the chance to see some beautiful views.

"Not only is it attractive for the people that live here but people also come from out of town to ride these trails to hike on them. This property offers 360 degree views of the valley you can see Mount Adams and Mount Rainer on a clear day so it's a gorgeous view from here," said Hopkins.
All good things can come at a price.
"The price tag for this land is just over a million dollars," said Hopkins.
That's why the conservancy started The Uplands Capital campaign.
"This is land that currently has a lot of trails on it, so people are hiking and mountain bike and this land is for sale," said Hopkins.
While at the moment people can still hike these trails in a few months, if the conservancy doesn't acquire this land it could become development.
"If this land was sold to someone else what could happen is it could be developed and trail access can be cut off. It's private property so a land owner can do what they desire with it," said Hopkins.
Something that has happened before.
"In 2017, a significant part of the uplands was purchased and the land owners long term plan is to put in an orchard and to have and develop housing so we don't want to see that happen to this 245 acres," said Hopkins.
Hopkins says it's all about protecting these trails for future Yakima residents.
"We buy this land with the intention of the next generation and the generation after that and many generations after that are going to be able to come out here and enjoy these lands just as we do today," said Hopkins.
They've already raised a little bit over half of their goal. To donate visit their website

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