KENNEWICK, WA- A 16 year-old was arrested after stabbing a 70 year-old woman in the parking lot of Desert Villa Apartments. Kennewick Police are still investigating the crime with K-9 Units that occurred around 4:55 Wednesday evening. 

Kennewick Police say the teen confronted the 70 year-old demanding money. Then he stabbed her and fled the scene. 

When officers arrived they used K9 units to track the teen, but was unsuccessful to locate him. 

The woman was immediately transported to a nearby hospital with non-life threatening injuries. 

Police say the suspect was found at his home on Gum Street and 10th Street after the victim recognized his face from other thefts.

Police connected him to multiple other thefts around Kennewick.

The 16 year-old has been booked into the Juvenile Detention Center tonight. 

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