Lifted Lotus Yoga Collective Opens Second Location in Kennewick


A yoga collective based out of Richland opened a new location October 11th in Kennewick.

Lacey Davis is the owner of Lifted Lotus Yoga Collective, a donation-based yoga program that has been operating for two years out of Lotus of the Moon in Richland. They offer donation-based classes to both adults and kids.

"Donation based yoga to me is making yoga accessible to anyone and everyone. We only ask for what you can give and we never turn anybody away," said Davis.

When the pandemic hit, Lacey noticed how it affected people financially and mentally. When they re-opened, class times booked up. This prompted her to open the new location. 

"We've seen a huge uptick in people coming in needing that yoga, needing that support and community," said Davis.

The first location of was at Lotus of the Moon, and owner Stephanie McCarl says the donation-based classes the collective provided fit in with the mission at Lotus of the Moon.

"I want you to find whatever it is that connects you to the world around you and yourself," said McCarl.

Now that Lifted Lotus has another location, teachers and students are not only excited about the new space---but also to be back for in-person classes.

Rae Hawley-Foster has been practicing for years, and is now a yoga teacher. She says yoga can help during the pandemic.

"Its this beautiful mindful practice that especially at this time can help people navigate their feelings," said Hawley-Foster.

Kathryn Elsen is a yoga teacher as well, and was ecstatic to come back to in-person classes.

"Coming back was so exciting because the hugs. Not necessarily the physical touch but just being with my peeps," said Elsen.

Kadie Jeziorowski is a student at Lifted Lotus, and says that online classes were not the same, and she missed her yoga community.

"I needed that in my life and I know it has helped me work through and process through all the stress and tension," said Jeziorowski.

They are finding peace and community, while making yoga available to any and all people through the donation based yoga. Jaidana is a yoga teacher and loves the way donation-based classes create relationships.

"It takes away the transactional nature of relationships that we can get really stuck in," said Jaidana.

Lacey says they are also following all health guidelines by having mat spacing, sanitizing, and requiring facemasks when off the mat.

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