PASCO,WA- A family argument turns violent when a family threatens each other with pistols.

Pasco Police said the family argument was located at an apartment on the 1800 block of North 21st on Thursday evening around 7:35. One male family member, 19-year-old Jose Transito Bolanos, threatened four other family members with a pistol. 

Police were told that a female family member was threatened by the person who was supposed to be protecting her and her infant. 

Bolanos called for two friends to assist with more pistols. 

Witnesses who observed the threats say one man was beaten and called for neighbors to get assistance. 

Police said the suspects with Bolanos took off on foot and then got into a blue Acura. 

Police said Bolanos is 5 foot 2 inches tall and over 135 pounds. The suspects do have family in the area, but live outside the state. 

Police do not know the identity of the other two companions. 

If anyone knows any details about the suspects or the incident call Pasco Police and give case number 20-14337 for Aggravated Assault.

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