Jordan C.K. Smith

11-8-19 UPDATE:

RICHLAND, WA - The man who broke into a Richland home and stood over a young girl's bed is being held on a 72-hour hold with charges of first-degree assault, burglary and kidnapping. 

The 11-year-old girl told investigators Jordan C.K. Smith threatened to hurt her family if she did not willingly leave with him. 

A K-9 from the Benton County Sheriff’s Office followed a blood trail leading from the house until it lost the scent. But the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab was able to identify Smith as a suspect through DNA testing of the blood samples, said the court documents.

Richland detectives arrested him three days later, after police pulled him over near Columbia Park Trail and Queensgate Drive about three miles away from the victim's home.

Smith's bail was set at $250,000 Thursday morning. 


RICHLAND, WA - Richland Police investigated a residence and arrested a man connected to the intrusion Sunday morning while an 11 year-old girl was sleeping.

The man is 30 year-old Jordan C.K. Smith from south Richland. Police were lead to his residence on the 900 block of Jericho Rd. after tips lead them to the suspect.

Richland Police Captain Chris Lee said Smith was getting into his car and driving away from the residence when he was arrested. 

"He was in custody with no incident and we believe he is the suspect after evidence from the crime scene pointed us to him," said Lee.

Smith was seen standing over the 11 year old girl while she slept and tried to kidnap her with a struggle, but did not succeed as she yelled for help. He was seen fleeing the home. Police say he got in through an open garage door. 

Smith is booked into the Benton County Jail with assault, attempted kidnapping and burglary charges. 

He is expected to be in court by the end of the week. 

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