RICHLAND, WA - There was a heavy police presence at the Motel 6 in Richland today, where authorities arrested 25 year old Jason D. Vargas. 

Vargas was booked on charges of burglary, auto theft and unlawful possession of fire arms. The Benton County Sheriffs office says Vargas is a suspect in a number of crimes that took place on March 5th.

Over the course of 12 hours- 3 cars were stolen and police also responded to a burglary at Ace Jewelry and Loan Store in Kennewick, where several guns were taken.

Police say those guns and one of the stolen vehicles were recovered at the Motel 6 where they found Vargas. Authorities believe the all the crimes are connected and several agencies are investigating.

Officials also say two others were in the room with Vargas when police arrested him.   

That is the latest update in this active investigation. 

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