Thief steals several household items and wedding rings

HERMISTON, OR-  A Hermiston couple is recovering after a thief entered their home while they were sleeping and stole several items. 

The thief was able to enter the home by breaking in through a small living room window. He is then seen opening up another window from a bedroom in which he proceeds to bring out several items. Some of those items included sheets, pillows, dyer sheets, dish soap and money but the thief also took two personal items as well.  

"It all of a sudden hit me my wedding ring and my engagement ring were in the guest bathroom in a drawer because that's where I get ready in the morning," said Felicity Gibbs "So I immediately ran to the drawer and my ring was gone."

The couple has since added extra security around their home. They want others to be more aware and take extra precautions when securing their home.

"Whether if they would have taken paper towels or the ring it is the fact that someone invaded our home and I don't feels safe here," said Gibbs. 

Police are still looking for this suspect and you are asked to contact Hermiston police if you have any information in regards to the burglary. The couple is also offering anyone $2,000 who may be able to identify the suspect or find the rings.

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