Crime rates in the Tri-Cities

Lt. Kiel with Kennewick Police Department says that in 2020, there was one homicide in Kennewick. This year, there have been five.

"What we've seen not only in the Tri-Cities but statewide and nationally is an increase in crime and violent crime, property crimes as well," said Lt. Kiel.

In terms of robberies, there's been no change in numbers. KPD is reporting a 24 percent increase in aggravated assaults and an 11 percent increase in simple assaults.

In addition, police say drive-by shootings have more than doubled in Kennewick.

"We've thrown a lot of resources at trying to solve these crimes," said Lt. Kiel.

Property crimes have also gone up in Kennewick.

"For example, vehicle thefts have gone up. Because it's colder out, people are leaving cars in their driveway, running with the doors unlocked. It's a crime of opportunity," said Lt. Kiel.

Pasco Police divided their crime data into two pieces, part one and part two crimes.

Part one crimes are things like criminal homicide, forcible rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, theft, and arson.

Part two crimes fall under these categories:

"Simple assaults forgery counterfeit frauds stolen property malicious mischief weapon offenses sex offenses drug abuse violations, DUI's drug equipment violations trespasses, kidnaps," said Sgt. Pruneda with Pasco Police.

Part two crimes are down 13 percent this year from last year. Part one crimes, though, have gone up over the last year.

"We're up 14 percent on those part one crimes but you know, what's the difference? Well, we're seeing a spike in aggravated assaults. We had 29 last year and we're already up to 42," said Sgt. Pruneda.

Aggravated assaults are up 45 percent this year in Pasco. In addition, police have investigated three homicides so far this year versus just one last year.

Richland Police Department says they saw a 36% decrease in aggravated assaults including domestic violence assaults. They saw an 88 percent decrease in homicide.

In terms of increases, auto thefts in Richland increased by 31 percent, burglaries are up 2 percent, robberies saw an 11 percent increase, and overall theft increased by 4 percent.