Sunnyside, WA - It's been nearly four months since Jennifer Caridad's disappearance and there's still no answers about what happened to her. Her family is asking for help to find her. 

Jennifer Caridad was last seen on August 8, 2021 with her boyfriend Aurelio Escobar. One of Jennifer's friends says the couple was in an argument that day.

On August 9, Yakima police responded to a robbery and shooting near Berglund Lake in Yakima. Escobar allegedly shot a rival gang member and stole his car while he was fishing with his daughter. There, police came across Jennifer Caridad's truck. It looked like it had been abandoned.

On August 10, the YPD gang unit searched the lake and found rags with blood stains and cleaning supplies. A cadaver dog from the coroner's office joined the search but came up empty.

Police also requested Jennifer's phone records but they weren't helpful in finding her. 

On August 11, the major crimes unit searched the west side of Berglund Lake and found Jennifer's clothing, shoes and purse. They also found a blue tarp with blood. All throughout this, Escobar was going on a crime spree through Washington and Oregon. On this day, he was involved in an officer involved shooting in Medford, Oregon - which led to his arrest.

Escobar has been charged with first-degree assault and first-degree robbery. There are no charges against him in relation to the disappearance of Jennifer.

Berglund Lake was searched a few more times, along with Rotary Lake and the Yakima River. Each time, police came up empty.

The blood found in Jennifer's car was sent to the Washington State Crime Lab to see if it belongs to her. However, because of a backlog caused by the pandemic, this could still take months.

Jennifer's mom, Lonor Vargas said they are frustrated not knowing if that's her blood or what happened to her. 

"What's happening to her? is she suffering, is someone beating her, is she cold? I don't know," Vargas said.

She asked for help from Escobar's mom asking her to please convince her son to say where Jennifer is and help from the public if they know anything. 

"Please help me find my daughter. I implore. It means everything," Vargas said. "Justice for my daughter. She's not an object you can forget about."

Jennifer's friend Gloria Flores also asks that Escobar cooperate with police and speak up about what happened the day she disappeared.

"Even if that argument escalated to more," Flores said.

Jennifer is 24-years-old. She weighs 120 lbs and stands at five feet and four inches. The Sunnyside Police Department is still investigating this case and asks that anyone with information call (509) 836-6200.