Dialed In: Krista Patterson combines business and pleasure in her dream job

FINLEY, WA - How does a young mom of two and devoted wife end up being one of the most successful entrepreneurs in her hometown? Krista Patterson is a Pasco native whose passion for fitness, the outdoors, yoga and eastern Washington lead her to create her dream job: owner of Northwest Paddleboarding. 

Krista Patterson went to both Pasco High and Chiawana High, as the first graduating class there. So, she considers herself both a Bulldog and a Riverhawk. She also credits her time in the DECA program as a big influence on her life and business. After high school Krista decided to stay in the Tri-Cities.

"It's just a gorgeous it's safe. It's a perfect place to open a business. If i didn't live here it would be so much harder," explained Krista. From year one to two, Northwest Paddleboarding made leaps and bounds. Going into year three, she said business is even better and, actually, it's a family affair. Krista co-owns the business with her mother.

"She's the perfect business partner. She's really great at numbers and I'm really bad at numbers. I love marketing. We're like the same person but opposite. We talk on the phone like 12 times a day," said Krista. 

Their business is different than others because it's not just renting the equipment. You can do that - or you can sign up for classes. Krista also had a big hand in starting a grassroots 'Free Yoga in the Park' event that's grown to attract hundreds of people in the summer.

"It started as something for my past clients to come do and they could invite their friends and it just grew out of control," said Krista. "Amazing. Just seeing all the people there enjoying being outside and exercising. That's definitely my philosophy: getting people exercising and moving. In the gym it was so hard to do that because it's so monotonous for a lot of people."

Krista's life is anything but monotonous with her mobile office and on-the-go lifestyle. She credits a loving family, supportive husband and the best of friends in helping her navigate the current of her life.

(Click on the video to learn more about her.)

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