Dialed In: Local Singer has Big City Talent

PASCO, WA - A local woman who has lived in eastern Washington her whole life is blessed with big city talent. Jai Kelli is a singer and songwriter and she is now making big moves - but Tri-Cities will always her home. 

Mid-summer, West Coast Records released Kelli's new music video and it already has hundreds of thousands of views.

"I'm Tri-Cities born and raised," said Kelli. "I've been singing my whole life. From choirs to talent shows I've really just taken up every opportunity to sing. Now I'm doing what I love to do at a bigger level and it's very exciting."

She said her own mom used to get really excited when little Jai would sing. That's when she realized she was good.

"I really liked listening to artists and mimicking them,"said Kelli. "I would try to make my voice sound like Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey or Celine Dion. I've just tried so many things and tried perfecting so many techniques."

All in the last year, Kelli has signed a deal with West Coast Records, shot and released her latest single's music video in Las Vegas, has recorded in a Los Angeles music studio and has opened a concert for the likes of Lil Wayne. 

Her latest single, I Can't Get Enough, is gaining traction online and has proved popular in performances.

"On this song in particular... It was something very special," said Kelli. "We had everyone lift up their cell phones and the lights were all off. It was just this really beautiful moment that we all got to share and I got to see it from just a crazy point of view."

Her advice to other people from smaller towns with big dreams? "Just really never giving up," said Kelli. "Just trying your hardest. Having big huge dreams. Big big big. Never give up because you never know what you're going to accomplish. So yeah. Just don't give up. that's my advice."

You can follow Jai Kelli's Facebook page to keep up with the latest on her. We can expect her EP to drop sometime soon and another music video, too.

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