243 Grant county fire

SMYRNA, WA - As firefighters raced down the streets of Smyrna, some families race to pack their bags. The Clouse and Schrom families' homes are surrounded by green pastures. 

The two families were warned early Tuesday morning that level 3 evacuation orders are in place. The Clouse family opened their car door and showed KHQ it was packed to the roof. Picture frames, wedding dresses, paintings, and anything else that Monica Clouse said she couldn’t bear to lose. For Lindsey Schrom, she packed up her horses and sheep, but wasn’t going to leave just yet.

The families agreed if they saw flames, they’d get out. But until then, they are staying put, running sprinklers and watching for smoke. They said they feel safe right now but in Clouse’s 20 years of living in Grant County, he’s never seen a wildfire this early in June.

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