Yakima, WA - The Yakima Valley was named the fifth best fishing location in the United States by the FishingBooker blog.

FishingBooker is a website used to plan fishing trips. According to the blog, the Yakima Valley has more than 100 lakes ready to fish. District Biologist for Yakima and Kittitas counties at the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife Marc Divens agreed that there are several great places to fish in the area.

"The thing that's interesting about Yakima is within an hour drive there's such a variety of places that people can go fish for different things at different times of year," Divens said.

There is also opportunity to fish for different species fish of fish including Bass, Salmon and Trout.

“We just got started stocking a lot of our lakes for hatchery Trout so that's real popular and as it starts to warm up here into the Spring a lot of warm water fishing for Bass and Walleye starts picking up and people direct their efforts towards those species,” Divens said.

The Yakima Valley also won because of the high number of breweries and wineries in the area. Fishingbooker says this makes it the perfect place to fish because you can relax with a drink after a long day of fishing.

For more information on fishing area in Yakima and what you fish there you can visit the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife website.

You can also read the full blog post on FishingBooker here.