gravitational wave pipe

RICHLAND, WA - Since 1999 LIGO scientists have been working on a project that can detect gravitational waves. 

In 2015 scientists detected the first gravitational wave. Now they have discovered a gravitational wave that is from a five billion year old black hole.

"Now we have 10 mergers of black holes so 10 gravitational wave signals of black holes crashing into to each other," said Dr. Jenne Driggers who has worked on the project the last three years.

This discovery is something even Albert Einstein didn't think was possible when he developed his Theory of Relativity which says that the speed of light is constant.

This not only confirms his theory even more but also opens doors scientists never thought were possible.

"We are looking at the universe in a whole new way we never as humans have been able to look at the gravitational wave version of the universe," said Driggers. "So this a way that we can see things that there is no other way we can see" 

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