High Temperatures Can Lead to Pool Bacteria Growth

KENNEWICK, Wash.-- Many people are cooling off by taking a swim, but the high temperatures can cause some potential dangers in your pool if harmful bacteria start to grow.

As the thermometer goes up, bacteria and algae production does too. A pool can turn green very quickly. That bacteria can eventually damage the pool's pipes and make people sick.

To avoid those problems, pool maintenance companies recommend taking a water sample once a week to test for bacteria levels.

"Algae is big. It grows in the heat a lot more rapidly. Definitely with this hot weather, we want to get our water tested a lot more often so we're putting in the right amount of chlorine to kill off that bacteria," said Clayton Simunson, Mirage Pool 'n' Spa.

Pool owners can get home testing kits or take a sample to maintenance companies for testing and many offer that service for free.

There are other things that can throw off the pool's pH levels like sunscreens and oils or exposing your pool to outside waters like taking a swim after being in the river.

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