Healthy Headspace: Mental Illness and Policing

PASCO, WA - The Pasco Police Department has a designated crisis responder who goes on calls for mental illness issues. This officer is specially trained to handle these situations and is called in when needed.

The training is a collaboration between police and local mental health services that is paid for by a state grant run by Lourdes Health Care.

Salomon Carrasco said the goal is to reduce arrests while helping people get mental health services.

Carrasco works closely with the Pasco Police and said the training has been helpful to the mental health system. He said they are just an extra set of hands.

"Something we like to say is basically, we are another tool in their tool belt that they can use when needed," Carrasco said.

Carrasco said they are able to guide people through the mental health system.

He said they connect individuals with programs that are out in the community locally or sometimes even across the state.

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