Healthy Headspace: Washington Listens launches to help people during COVID-19

WA State - If you've been feeling more stressed or anxious lately, you are not alone.

Washington Listens gets calls from people who need emotional support to talk about what's going on in their lives. The live support specialists also address primary concerns. They focus on helping others manage their feelings, thoughts and goals.

"There's been quite a few overwhelming things going on with the COVID and sometimes people just need someone to listen to have some emotional support," Corina Thornton with Washington Listens said.

Thornton said many people do not have someone they can call.

"They've called family members, but they still have anxiety," Thornton said. "They don't want to bother family members too much."

Thornton said their job with Washington Listens is to listen and be supportive.

"Or sometimes they just need to vent," Thornton said. "They need to vent a little about their frustrations with not being able to do regular family stuff, like camping or traveling, or they have questions about testing. They have questions about what's available."

For the most part, Thornton said they help with identifying callers primary and immediate needs, like providing information about renting assistance or food bank distributions.

"We are not an accredited therapist. We are not certified mental health providers, but we do have those numbers and also other crisis lines numbers available to help someone and to refer them to professionals," Thornton said.

Their main goal is to be the emotional support for callers that are overwhelmed. If you are looking for encouragement, Thornton said they are here for you.

"That's all you need to do, is call," Thornton said.

If you would like to be connected with a live support specialist with Washington Listens, you can call 1-833-681-0211. If you would more information, you can head to their website at

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