A serious medical diagnosis takes a toll on the body and the mind. It can be difficult for those with ongoing health problems to stay positive, but there are ways to maintain a healthy headspace through the stress and pain of a long-term illness.

Lorie MacIsaac spends her workdays helping cancer patients cope, recover and move forward from the mental aspect of their battle. As a Social Worker on the Tri-Cities Cancer Center's Nurse Navigation Team, she guides patients to improve their overall wellbeing.

She says while the journey is different for each of her patients, many of them benefit from the following:

  • Sharing their feelings with family & friends
  • Talking to others who have the same disease (i.e. joining a support group)
  • Practicing relaxation techniques (i.e. yoga, breathing exercises)

Remember, help is available anytime through local crisis hotlines. If you need someone to talk to, callĀ 509-783-0500 in the Tri-Cities andĀ 509-575-4200 in Yakima County.