TRI-CITIES, WA - A local motivator is using her online platform to connect people from all walks of life. The Friendship Revolution is a collection of online resources designed to forge meaningful friendships.

Richland resident and Founder of The Friendship Revolution, Melinda Price Adair, is all about connection. Watching her friends go through depression and isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, she felt compelled to use her platform to bring people together.

"Certainly in times of crisis, whether it's personal or it's global, everybody needs humor and they need hope... but they always need connection," Melinda says.

The Friendship Revolution

The Friendship Revolution aims to connect people through a free, discussion-based Facebook group, YouTube channel and interactive website.

With more than 1,100 members on Facebook, the growing group is made up of individuals across the country with diverse backgrounds and life experiences. While scrolling through the page, members are invited to engage in conversations on a variety of thought-provoking photos and statuses.

According to Melinda, the group facilitates tough conversations and teaches members how to become the friend they have always wanted to be.

"Anybody can relate over a cup of coffee and talk about the kind of coffee they like or the type of car that they drive. Friendship is really going deeper, and it's practicing who you really are in a safe environment," she believes.

It only takes one person to start a revolution. When it comes to friendship, Melinda is at the forefront.

"If I can set up a situation where people mingle and they become friends, and I can step back and watch... my heart is so full," she exclaims.

The community is invited to take part in The Friendship Revolution on Facebook by submitting a request to join the group. Other resources can be found here.

Victoria Yocom nominated Melinda Price Adair for Madeline Motivates. She says Melinda is a wonderful person who has the ability to spread a light like no one she has ever met.

"Being around her, you feel this aura of just... peace," Victoria reflects. "I was compelled to nominate her for this because I felt like if anyone deserved it, she deserved it."

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