Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks Region 4, record setting walleye

HELENA, Mont. - A Helena angler set a new record on May 10, by catching an 18 pound nearly 3-foot-long walleye.

Trevor Johnson caught the walleye from Holter Lake, the fish weighing in at 18.02 pounds on a certified scale, measuring 32.25 inches in length and 22 inches in girth. Trevor caught the record-setting fish on a jig according to Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP).

The last state walleye record was set in 2007 with a 17.75-pound fish from Tiber Reservoir.

FWP says other recent state record fish include a chinook salmon caught last August, a smallmouth bass in October, a yellow bullhead in December, a brown trout in February, a longnose sucker in March, and a largemouth bass in April.

If you’re hoping to try and reel in the next record-setting catch, FWP says you should keep the following in mind:

  •  To prevent loss of weight, do not clean or freeze the fish. Keep the fish cool — preferably on ice.

  • Take a picture of the fish.

  • The fish must be weighed on a certified scale (found in grocery stores or hardware stores, etc.) and witnessed by a store employee or other observer. Obtain a weight receipt and an affidavit from the store personnel if no FWP official is present. Measure the length and girth. 

  • Contact the nearest FWP office to have the fish positively identified by a fisheries biologist.