RICHLAND, WA - Atomic Alchemy is combining scents to create unique, personalized fragrances at the first-ever custom perfume studio in the Tri-Cities.

Owner, Shannon Franklin, is bringing her talents to the Uptown Shopping Center and invites the community to come out and express themselves through one-of-a-kind perfume creations.

Individuals are guided through a one-on-one blending experience, selecting layered scents to combine into a personalized perfume. Shannon also hosts fragrance workshops and parties, and sells pre-made perfumes named for the elements.

The one hour, one-on-one perfume blending experience costs $100. Perfume parties start at $300 for four hours.

Atomic Alchemy also features products crafted by local artisans, from homemade earrings to candles and more.

For more information, call 509-519-3724, email, or visit their website.

Atomic Alchemy is open Tuesday-Saturday from 10am to 5pm at 226 Williams Boulevard in Richland.