Sunnyside, WA - The world is facing shortages everywhere right now, be it in the service industry, retail, or anywhere else. Locally, school districts are facing a bus driver shortage. 

The Sunnyside School District said they have been in a constant state of recruitment for bus drivers - which has left them in a better position than other districts - but regardless, they do still have a need. 

Transportation Director Scott Gentry said they have open routes and they are always looking for substitute drivers.

"We're always looking for drivers we'll take anyone we can get," Gentry said. 

He added by anyone he still means they will screen people properly to make sure they are safe people to be around children. 

The bus driver shortage at Sunnyside is mainly caused by growth. Gentry said drivers are having to be pulled from their routes to drive students to extracurricular activities and then their route is left open. 

It takes about three months to get your license from the first time you are interviewed, so filling positions quickly can get difficult - which is why the district is asking people to apply.

Cher Morrow the driver trainer for the district said she started as a driver in 2004 because the schedule worked for her. Morrow would drive her morning route, spend time at home with her kids, then drive her later route. This meant she never had to pay for daycare.

"If you're a mom and you have young kids this is the perfect job, if you're someone whos retirement age who needs that supplemental income, this is the perfect job," Morrow said.

If you are interested in applying you can do so on the Sunnyside School District's website. 

Morrow also said if anyone is intimidated about driving a big yellow bus, they can meet with her to drive a bus and practice in the parking lot.