Photo: Blueberries

HERMISTON, OR - K & K Blueberry farm in Hermiston is a 20 acre plot and a community staple where owners Ken and Kathy Dopps have been growing berries for over 15 years.

"We really pride ourselves on customer service, we wanna make sure everyone is happy... we lead them out to rows, we ask them questions as they go, and give them a little bit of a tutorial on how to get those ripe juicy blueberries," owner, Kathy Dopps told NBC Right Now.  

Kathy started gearing up for blueberry season in the spring and predicts they will unload thousands of pounds from now until July 4th. And she tells me Bumble Bee’s play a big role..

 "When they first bloom I bring in bees ,so we have beehives that pollinate all of our blueberry plants. We keep it local and sustainable, it’s just a very nice community effort," she said. 

In fact Kathy says her favorite part of growing the berries is watching familiar and new faces pick their own each year. 

"Absolutely watching the families come back year after year, they get to know me, they get to know my dogs, they come running up.. Kathy! It’s just fantastic, it gives you such a thrill really, seeing them take pictures in front of something you’ve grown, there’s just no better feeling for me," Kathy said. 


K and K Blueberries is located at: 

29555 Minnehaha Road in Hermiston, Oregon

For more information:

(541) 567-3146