BENTON COUNTY, WA- Voters in Benton County can now check voter's status safely through a new initiative from the Benton Auditor’s Office. 

The new initiative is encouraging voters to vote early and safely in the next elections of 2020. 

Primary ballots will be mailed to military oversees this week. Election ballots in the state will be distributed starting July 15th. 

The auditor's said that citizens are encouraged to check voting status to ensure the vote made counts. 

The Benton County Auditor's office set up a secure way to do that. 

Residents go to www.votewa.gov to get the latest information about voting status. 

Auditor Brenda Chilton states:  “The Auditor’s Office is taking a number of measures to mitigate the risks of COVID-19 for Benton County voters.  The most important thing citizens can do right now to vote safely is check their status Making sure you are registered and that your record is up-to-date is key to ensuring your ballot is mailed to you timely and to the correct address.”

Washington State's primary election is August 14th and the General Election is November 3rd. 

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