YAKIMA, WA- Entrust Community Services is launching a new program called 2-way-dig.

2-way-dig is a disability integration group that will be working with community members, clubs and businesses.

Communications Director, Deb Sterling at Entrust says they want to give people with disabilities an opportunity to be involved in the community.

"The reason we call it 2 way dig is because it's a two way street we want to bring people with disabilities into businesses into community clubs, into things like this fundraiser."

Sterling says they this idea came up a couple weeks ago and everyone who wanted to be apart of it, had a connection with someone who has a form of autism.

One of the businesses they have partnered with is Bud Clary Toyota.

The first project they are launching together is a bike build for the pace program that gives elementary kids a free bike for perfect attendance.

Robbie Bustos at Bud Clary told me what she is looking forward to the most.

"I'm excited but I think we are all excited because they are looking for an opportunity to get out in the community and to integrate with businesses the community in general brought into their world and see what's happening daily" said Robbie Bustos, Communications Director for Bud Clary Toyota.

Bustos says they expect to build 600 bikes for kids in Yakima. The goal of this partnership it to get more people with disabilities involved.

If you want to get involved contact Entrust Community Services.


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