Kennewick Car Crash

UPDATE: Kennewick Police are still investigating the car collision that happened yesterday evening. Police say witnesses could help find out who was the at fault driver. 

The KPD asks if there is anyone that was at the crash or watched it occur you can reach them on the non-emergency dispatch number at 585-4208.

KENNEWICK, WA- Three people have been taken to a local hospital with minor injuries after a car crash earlier this evening. The crash occurred at the intersection of 4th Ave.  and Morain St. in Kennewick.

Investigators say a driver of a truck sped through a red light and struck an oncoming car with two passengers inside and then proceeded to run into a power pole smashing the front of the truck. 

Kennewick Police say the driver of the truck did not have any passengers, but the car he collided with had a passenger. They also suspect the driver of the truck was speeding to get through the intersection when he hit the other car.

Police have closed the intersection and are still investigating the crash. There is no indication that the intersection will reopen this evening.