"Consider Yourself ON WATCH" Threatening sign put up

RICHLAND, WA - On Monday afternoon, a flyer posted in Richland, called those individuals supporting the events in the United States, traitors.

In part, the flyer warned protestors to consider themselves "Warned." The flyer was stapled to a pole near Hartfor St. and Cedar Ave.

"I don’t feel safe. I’m glad I don’t live in Richland," said Amber Rodriguez, a community organizer in Tri-Cities. "This exposes the fact that there are people that have awful intentions."

The flyer has been taken down since then and replaced with a red heart with the letters “B-L-M” on it.

In a Facebook post, the Richland Police Department said they have not found any of the flyers and they advise people not to take them down and report them immediately 

“This is a non-partisan issue regardless whether you are a democrat republican or conservative,” said Rodriguez. “It’s a human issue.”

A self-claimed conservative neighbor told our NBC Right Now team he doesn’t want to see those type of signs in his neighborhood. Rodriguez says she will continue pushing for equity. “We are going to continue peacefully protesting,” said Rodriguez. “Police brutality and racial injustice affects us all.”

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