PASCO, WA- The verdict is in for a double murder trial in Pasco that took the jury just hours to deliberate.

Hector Orozco Jr. was convicted of the 2018 Valentine's Day double murder earlier today at the Franklin County Courthouse. 

Orozco was deemed guilty on all counts against him except for one. 

Charges against him include the murder of 82-year-old Bonnie Ross and the murder of Demetrius Graves.

Pasco police said Orozco had gotten out of jail just two days before these murders.

"It's a tragic event overall and I wish two lives didn't have to be lost in this event and at this point justice is one step closer to being served," Sgt. Scott Warren said. 

Crime scene evidence shows Orozco first killed Ross, stole her car, then got into a fight with two other men later that day -- killing Graves.

Police say both Ross and Graves had been stabbed to death.

Bonnie Ross's son, Anthony, said he's left with slight sense of closure after today but still left wondering, why?

"Why did you do it? That's what I'd want to know. He took somebody away that was probably the most wonderful person on the planet. She'd do anything for anybody," Ross said. 

The one charge Orozco was not convicted of was the attempted murder charge against the second man involved in the fight that ended with Graves' death.

Orozco will be sentenced on February 12th, almost a year to the day after the crimes were committed. 

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