WASHINGTON STATE- Financial stability is a balancing act many Americans are struggling with during the world wide pandemic. And now a cut to federal funding brings even more instability to millions.

Starting July 25th - that's this Saturday - the extra 24-hundred a month in unemployment benefits is ending.

"The expiration of this extra 600 dollars will significantly decrease income to hundreds of thousands of Washingtonians and be a loss to the economy," said the Employment Security Commissioner, Suzi LeVine.

The plans for the next potential covid-19 relief bill reportedly includes another round of stimulus payments -- but doesn't address the extra unemployment benefits.

But what about the ones who have yet to even receive their first 600 dollar check.

"Those who filed their claims between march 8 and June 18th who have not yet been paid should expect to have their claims resolved within the next 8 days," said LeVine. 

17 million Americans are still out of work and for the 17th week straight the number of unemployment claims tops one million. 

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