First MIS-C case in the Tri-Cities

Tri Cities, WA- Multi System Inflammatory Syndrome in children or MIS-C, a new threat linked to the coronavirus. One that's primarily affecting children.

"I think its going to get worse before it gets better," said New York's Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Relatively new but its already popping up all over the world. It's now been found in 24 states and 10 countries.

There's four cases in Washington and one confirmed in the Tri-Cities.

Not much is known about the syndrome except its rare and hitting children's immune systems hard.

"All that we really know now is it is a syndrome effects multiple systems multiple organs in children it may appear like another inflammatory syndrome Kawasaki's," said the health officer for Benton and Franklin counties Amy Person. 

Originally children were thought to be low risk for coronavirus but with new developments in mis-c...Health officials say to watch your children closely.. Many not showing signs of the syndrome until weeks after exposure to Covid-19

"If kids show signs if they are having trouble breathing or pain or vomiting or neurological symptoms contact the doctor," said Person.

Other symptoms to watch out for include fever, skin rash, swollen hands or feet and red, swollen lips.

Fortunately unlike the coronavirus the syndrome itself does not seem to be contagious but  the connection to the virus is evolving everyday.